March 20, 2015

Baby J's Birth Story

Finally, the post you've been waiting for! It has literally taken me an entire day to write this, ha, hello life with two! As you know, our son was born on March 3rd. He's already over two weeks old, I can't believe how fast time flies! With a due date of March 24th, we were not expecting such an early arrival. In case you didn't know, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 31 weeks. Following the diagnosis I was able to have a growth ultrasound, as I was measuring small and wanted to see how he was doing. After that ultrasound it was decided that I would have them weekly. J was two to three weeks behind in gestational age. I wasn't too concerned since Miss A was 5 lbs when she was born- totally healthy, with no complications.

As the weeks went by J did show growth, but my doctors wanted to also do weekly stress tests. I was hooked up to a monitor to check his heart rate. Every stress tests was normal. It wasn't until March 2nd, when I went back in for another stress test and ultrasound that there was a reason to be concerned. The ultrasound tech measured the amniotic fluid and told me it was low, dangerously low. I don't know if I was in denial or just thinking there was nothing to be worried about, but I was so not prepared to hear that I needed to go to labor and delivery to be induced, that same day. 

My bag wasn't packed. Miss A was at a friends house. My husband was supposed to work that night. I was 36 weeks and 6 days, which considering all things, was great since I was about to be considered term the next day. The doctor was positive this was the best thing to do for baby and after putting my husband on speaker phone so he could hear, I burst into tears. 

I'm sure it was the planner in me- freaking out that I didn't feel 100% ready for this baby to come. I thought I had more time! I wanted to spend more time with Miss A, I wanted to deep clean the house, I wanted to tackle some freezer think you have all the time in the world, but now I see I should have been more prepared.

Once I got over the initial shock it was time to figure things out. I didn't have to go immediately, so I went home, called my dad and mom on the way, and a friend to see if Miss A could spend the night. As soon as I got home we packed our bags. Luckily I had already started and had a list of everything I wanted to take. I packed Miss A's bag, my husband cleaned up the house a bit; I couldn't stand the thought of bringing a baby home to a dirty kitchen, ha! He called work and managed to get the next three days off. When we were all set we met my friend to drop off Miss A. That was SO hard. Cue more tears. She was so excited once she found out she was going to 
spend some time with her friend, have a sleepover, and go out for ice cream! Her willingness to go made it so much easier.

Then we were off to the hospital! We got to the labor and delivery floor and were told that a room wasn't available yet. Talk about being disappointed. We waited, and waited, and waited...for about three hours. ._. When we finally got our room, I saw our doctor, who would later be the one to deliver me. She had a few ideas on how to start the induction process. Instead of starting with pitocin, she suggested a foley bulb...I'll spare you the details, but once it was in place, contractions started on their own. They weren't too bad so I figured I'd wait a while before requesting an epidural. We tried to get some sleep, I was given some pain meds which made me loopy, and a sleeping pill. I didn't sleep much, as the contractions gradually picked up in intensity and nurses kept coming in to see how things were going. Five hours later, my contractions were VERY intense. We were pretty surprised, thinking we weren't going to meet our son until the next day. Luckily that was not going to be the case! I requested an epidural as the pain was pretty bad at this point, and suddenly my water broke. 

So much happened after that. Contractions were super strong, I soon felt the urge to push, and nurses flooded into the room. There was no time for that epidural! Which was okay with me, I was READY. Baby J was ready. We were all ready. Five strong pushes, and he was born!   

I was thrilled, to say the least. If you were to have told me I'd be giving birth without an epidural, I would've laughed. Somehow I did it and lived to tell about it. :) We are so happy that he is one strong, healthy little man. Nursing is going well, he is back up to birth weight, and we are all adjusting to being a family of four.   

March 13, 2015

A New Way of Life

Thank you so, so much for all your well wishes! We are all doing well and embracing this new way of life. 

It blows my mind that we have a one week old baby at home. I went from being scared out of my mind, to head over heels in love. This last week has been filled with all kinds of emotions. I'm so happy we have our little J home with us, even if it was unplanned and there were still many, many things I wanted to do before his arrival. None of that really matters anymore. We had everything ready for him- it was the other goals, more for me, that I didn't get to. Not to mention I thought I'd have more time with Miss A. I think that was the hardest thing for me to come to terms with after he was born; it wouldn't be just the two of us anymore!

I thought I'd share pictures with you from the week. These are all iPhone pics (seeing as I have a sleeping babe on my chest right now and can't reach a laptop). I'll share some better quality photos soon, but you can see some from my earlier post this week. I hope to do a full write up of his birth story soon, when I find the time and energy for it! You forget all too quick how hard sleep deprivation is. In the meantime, please bear with my absence and know that I'm still reading blogs (during those middle of the night feedings) and I'm still very active on IG (stillluckyblog)! 

March 9, 2015

Welcome to the World- He's here!!

Forgive my absence last week on the blog, all my time and attention has been on giving birth to our SON, who arrived three weeks early, on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:39 am. I will refer to him as "J" on the blog; we are so happy, excited, and blessed. At 4 lbs and 10 oz, he is a little peanut, but is healthy and doing well!

We've been home since Thursday and thankfully my mom and mother in law were able to swoop in at a moments notice to help out. I can't wait to share the whole story with you, until then, here are some pictures for you to enjoy!!

February 25, 2015

When Your Toddler is Having Nightmares

I have so many posts that I want to write, but today my mind is foggy from lack of sleep. It's going to be a real awakening (ha) feeling like this again in a couple of weeks! I'm not sure what's going on- if it's due to the lack of the paci or what, but Miss A is having nightmares. :( Every night for the last four or five days, after about an hour of falling asleep, she will wake up screaming, crying, and very upset. She won't go back down unless one of us goes into the room and tucks her back in. Last night was the worst, she was visibly scared and shaking. ;( I'm not sure what is causing these dreams. She refuses to tell us and I wish she would instead of saying she doesn't know. It's so horrible seeing her so upset.

I have a feeling it does have to do with the pacifier, seeing as that was her source of comfort in the middle of the night, and now without it, it is much harder to settle. She has been sleeping with a bear since we took away the paci and that does seem to help. It is so soft and cuddly and she wraps her arms around it to fall asleep. I'm thinking she needs a new nightlight, the one we have isn't very bright and she has asked several times to turn on her lamp, but then can't fall asleep with it on. Any recommendations on a nightlight?? 

I hope your week is treating you better than mine. Yesterday we had another snow day, complete with crafts and cookie baking, and we are expected to get more snow tonight. 

It's starting to feel like I never left Michigan. Ha! I know that's not true, as my friends there have told me how much snow and ice they've had this year, and I've only dealt with it for a week and a half. ;) What can I say, I'm a Florida girl at heart and I can't wait until warmer temperatures! 

February 20, 2015

Five Friday Shares

1. I have a running to-do list hanging on the fridge that I add to every time I think of something I want to accomplish before baby. Which means I have things on there like "finish baby album" and "dust cobwebs." A mixture of nesting, random projects I've put off finishing, and of course, things that actually have to do with baby. If there's one good thing about being cooped up all week due to extreme cold and snow, it's that I've been able to tackle the list. Miss A's baby shower scrapbook is almost done (can you believe it's taken me almost THREE years to finish this?!), I dusted those cobwebs, cleaned behind every kitchen appliance, and ordered a few final things for the nursery.

2. This extreme cold and snow. I feel like I'm back in Michigan. Okay, not really, I know it's much worse up there for my friends who are dealing with temps in the negative with crazy wind chill. Today is the only morning we've seen negative temps...and that's a pretty big deal for this neck of the woods! It was fun watching the snow fall on Monday and Wednesday. Miss A loved it and we went outside multiple times to stand in it and try to catch flakes in our mouths. Ice settled over the snow overnight on Monday, making it impossible to play with the next day. I'm so not a fan of ice. I'll take the snow if I have to, but ice? No thanks. I'm ready for winter to end now, even though we only really experienced winter for a week. I would've died from cabin fever with a toddler if we still lived in Michigan! I don't know how northerner's do it!

3. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen a crazy amount of sweets being pinned to my "baking" and "dessert" board.  I've had a thing for peanut butter most of this pregnancy, especially now that I can't have sweets. We have jars of peanut butter in the house, jars. Because when I ran out a few weeks ago, I stood in the kitchen crying, looking for more. My sweet hubby totally saved the day and went out to buy several jars so this doesn't happen again. :) Total pregnant moment. When I no longer have GD, I'll be baking these peanut butter smore's bars, peanut butter cup cookie bars, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Nursing burns extra calories after all!

4. All that energy I had at the start of the third trimester is waning. I'm 35 weeks now and feeling it! I've been so tired, not a normal "I'm tired", more like why am I so sleepy at 5:00 in the afternoon? Seriously, I could have easily fallen asleep at 5:00 yesterday, my eyes were so heavy. Baby boy is taking all that's left of me, which is good, considering I was doing so well until this point!

5. Question for mama's of two or more- what tips or advice can you give me for preparing your first child for the arrival of a brother or sister? We'll be doing a big sister gift after baby is born and have read lots of books and talk about it all the time. Is there anything else I should do?

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